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Orifancy 6
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Orifancy Vol 6 - Versión en inglés

Una colección de originales diagramas de origami creados por una nueva generación de diseñadores chinos.

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Orifancy #6

The Orifancy collection want to boost the creativity of its artists by proposing unusual themes. The best creations are published in the magazine with step by step instructions to fold the winning models. This issue #6 features :

  • 9 models to fold from a photodiagram, from intermediate to complex level
  • 2 articles on the "Queen Mary" and "Pumpkin Coach" patterns explaining the creation process, and giving their Crease Pattern

Details :

  • 111 color pages
  • Languages: English
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- Enviado el Wednesday 14 June 2023 por Bridget H
My favourite type of origami compilation book . With still life .human figures and fun folds for the... (Leer más)
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