Origami Zoo & Aquarium
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Origami Zoo & Aquarium

Pliegue fácilmente 120 animales de origami que se encuentran en zoológicos y acuarios reales: leones, jirafas, delfines, pandas y sus cachorros, una jineta o una familia de nutrias.

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Origami Zoo & Aquarium


The book offers you to fold 120 origami animald found in zoos and aquariums: lions, giraffes, dolphins, pandas and their cubs, a civet cat or a family of otters! The book includes "eye" stickers to stick on your foldings to make them more alive. Most of the models are folded with a single sheet without cutting or glue!

The author, Fumiaki Shingu, has written over 50 origami books in Japan and abroad.



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Langue : Japonais
Nombre de pages : 160
Format :
18 cm x 23 cm
Couverture : Souple
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- Enviado el Sunday 08 May 2022 por Tatsiana Z
It is a book with interesting models to fold. I don't understand a word but pictures and clear diagr... (Leer más)
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