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Origami Birds

Colección de 20 diseños de origami fáciles de doblar

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Origami Birds


This book, edited by Nick Robinson, one of the world's foremost living origamists, brings together 20 origami birds designed by famous origami masters or reinterpreted by him or others from the great classics of the Japanese tradition. These versions of an incredibly popular subject reflect the personal sensibility of each artist and are easy to fold thanks to the detailed instructions that accompany the diagrams.


From the classic peacock to the simplest bird favoured by the father of the art, Akira Yoshizawa, Kunihiko Kasahara's pretty duck, Hadi Tahir's arrogant cockerel and Nick Robinson's models in action, here is a range of admirable paper birds. Lee Armstrong, David Brill, Edwin Corrie, Paul Jackson, Robert J. Lang and Eric Vigier are sure to impress.


Each model is also accompanied by a QR code and a link to a video tutorial that explains the entire folding process.
A must-have book for origami enthusiasts... and anyone who loves animals!


Product Details:
Paperback: 144 colors pages
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 25.5 cm


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