Origami with DVD Michael G. LAFOSSE in english
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Origami Butterflies (+ DVD)

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Origami Butterflies (+ DVD)


Whimsical, exquisite and fragile, butterflies and moths have enchanted and inspired people for centuries. Origami artist Michael G. LaFosse is no exception. His original butterfly paper-folding techniques are a dramatic new development in origami—which some have hailed as the most important advance in origami since the first paper cranes appeared centuries ago. Hundreds of LaFosse butterflies have been featured in exhibitions around the world and his iconic designs are now eagerly sought and widely imitated by folding enthusiasts everywhere.

Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies presents original paper folding projects from LaFosse's extensive butterfly and moth repertoire, including all his personal favorites. This collection has many rarely-seen origami designs, and several of the models illustrate new technical and design achievements made possible by the ingenious "LaFosse Origami Butterfly Folding System." This exciting new book with accompanying DVD represents the culmination of a lifetime of designing and perfecting the art of origami butterflies. It contains everything you need to create your own unique collection.


26 models diagrams step-by-step 

Product Details:
Softcover: 112 pages
Date : 2013

Language: English
Product Dimensions:
21.6 cm x 27.9 cm


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Opinión de internautas Origami Butterflies (+ DVD) (2 Comentarios)

stars_5 - Enviado el sábado 02 marzo 2019 por Xavier HHH
Excelente material. Fabuloso.
stars_5 - Enviado el miércoles 14 marzo 2018 por Nicole G
Ein wundervolles Buch. Schöne Modelle und gut verständliche Anleitungen. Wenn man die Grundfaltsys... (Leer más)
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