Origami 25 sterne
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Origami - 25 estrellas

Dobla 25 estrellas de origami con instrucciones detalladas paso a paso y dibujos, así como fotos en color, consejos y sugerencias para las variaciones de plegado.

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Origami - 25 Stars


These 25 origami stars, ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult, will appeal to beginners in folding as much as to experienced folders.

  • 16 stars are modular, i.e. they are assembled from several pieces without using glue.
  • 9 stars are folded from a single sheet each. 
  • The folding and cutting of the sheets into the required format is clearly explained. 

For each star, there is a conversion table that allows folding to the desired size. All templates and instructions have been designed and drawn by Carmen Sprung and have been taught and tested in numerous workshops.



Product Details:
Paperback: 112 pages
Language: German
Product Dimensions: A4


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