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Origami Europe

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The 326 page book features more than 60 models from fifteen countries. The book is a collaboration of European origami societies, coordinated by a team from the British Origami Society. It represents a snapshot of current European creative origami with each national society being invited to submit instructions for five models. The project emerged as an idea from the European Origami meeting held in Zaragoza (May 2013) and was subsequently developed at the BOS Edinburgh convention (August 2013).
- Softcover: 326 pages
- 60 origami designs with instructions and step-by-step diagrams
- Size: 25x18 cm
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Opinión de internautas Origami Europe (1 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Monday 21 September 2015 por Michael RR
Very huge assortment of origami projects from all europe.
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