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Origami Flowers and Other Models
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Origami Flowers and Other Models

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Origami Flowers and Other Models


This book contains 34 origami models: Twenty one of them are flowers, trees and stems. The models range from easy to fold models, suitable for beginners using simple origami paper, to complex models for the more experiences folders, using heavier paper. Some of the complex models the author has created represent realistic examples of the flowers which grew wild in fields near his childhood home: irises, tulips, daffodils, and cyclamens. The book also provides instructions for stems which allow the flowers to stand independently on the table without additional non-origami parts. At the end of the book there are useful instructions for folding polygons and for dividing paper.


Contents :

  • Part 1: Simple Models From a Square
  • Part 2: Flowers and Trees
  • Part 3: Other Models
  • Part 4: Polygons, Dividing and Folding Technique


Product Details:
softcover: 128 pages

Date : 2015
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 
30x21 cm

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Notas y comentarios

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