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Origami for girls - Fumiaki Shingu

This book offers many origami models selected to please girls and easy to fold.

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Origami for girls

Origami selected to appeal to girls!

Boys' and girls' brains are different from birth, with different interests and preferences. This book focuses on these differences by selecting origami with subjects that girls like such as accessories, clothes, cakes, decorations, animals, etc. 

Chapter 1: Accessories and jewelry
Chapter 2: Fashion: dress up and change the models with origami clothes
Chapter 3: Cakes and decorations
Chapter 4: Flowers
Chapter 5: Fun to play with!
Chapter 6: Seasons
Chapter 7: Animals


The patterns are easy to read and understand, with legible diagrams and full-color photographs. The folding instructions are arranged in an orderly fashion, making folding easy, especially for beginners!


Product details:

Language: Japanese
Format: 18.5 cm x 23.5 cm
Cover: Softcover
Number of pages: 192

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Notas y comentarios

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