Origami Modulars for Everyone
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Origami Modulars for Everyone

Los 41 modelos modulares de origami de este libro son un punto de partida perfecto para los novatos y luego este libro ofrece modelos paso a paso más complejos.

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Origami Modulars for Everyone




4 free diagrams here!


Modulars are a popular genre of geometric origami in which beautiful repetitive patterns are folded and formed from numerous sheets of paper. It is a perfect starting point for origami novices, and the more complex figures provide a great way to level up for intermediate folders and beyond. Modular origami also provides a natural springboard for those yearn to experiment with creating original models, Each design is presented with easy-to-follow, hand-drawn diagrams by Dáša Ševerová.

he instructions show the model’s progress step by step, and tips invite the folder to enhance the experience with further exploration. Instructions for 41 models are included; almost all are original works by Ilan Garibi, a full-time origami artist.

Garibi started to create modulars ten years ago and since then has designed more than 80 original models. This book includes a large range of styles, from flat radial models to polyhedra, in four chapters.The diagrams by Dáša Ševerová, a well-known origami artist, bring life and volume to instructions on flat paper for the most comfortable learning experience for folders at every skill level. Her diagramming style is unique, presenting real shading that gives a crisp sense of volume and realism.



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Opinión de internautas Origami Modulars for Everyone (2 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Wednesday 03 March 2021 por Winnie L
Perfect introduction to modulars
- Enviado el Wednesday 03 February 2021 por Nora II
Beau livre sur les origami modulaires.
Beaucoup de modèles, les explications sont très clai... (Leer más)
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