Origami Mono
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Origami Mono

El tema de este libro es el blanco y negro. El autor propone plegar 24 complejos modelos de origami centrados en el blanco y negro.

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Origami Mono


The theme of this book is black and white.

Yoshimasa Tsuruta wanted to make a book a little different from his other books. Because he particularly likes black and white, he collected here all his models adapted to a monochrome rendering.

This book offers step-by-step diagrams for 24 intermediate to super complex models.



 Penguin / Suffolk Sheep / Malayan Tapir / Swallow / Crested Kingfisher / Sit-Cat / Polar Bear / Long-Tailed Tit / Panda 2022 / Orca / Cow / Crow / Zebra / White Tiger / Ermine / Dalmatian / Black Rider / Ninja / Pawn / Rook / Knight / Bishop / Queen / King


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Step by step folding instructions for 24 origami models 

Paperback: 240 pages
Language: Japanese & English



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- Enviado el Friday 27 May 2022 por steve C
Been searching for black / white only origami. Good book! A little hard
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