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Origami para niños

Bajo la supervisión de un científico del cerebro, este libro ofrece 56 modelos de origami, seleccionados para atraer a los niños y fáciles de plegar.

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Origami for boys

56 origami models selected to please boys!

Boys' and girls' brains are different from birth, with different interests and preferences. This book focuses on these differences and, under the supervision of a brain scientist, has selected origami with designs that boys like.

As they become absorbed in folding, children's brains are naturally nourished. Many of the models can be turned into stories and other playground games, allowing for fun even after folding!

The models are easy to fold, with legible diagrams and full-color photographs. The folding instructions are arranged in an orderly fashion, making folding easy, especially for beginners!

The book opens easily, making it convenient to use during folding sessions.


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Language: Japanese
Format: 18.5 cm x 23.5 cm
Cover: Softcover
Number of pages: 140

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