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Origami Re:Design

Un libro de diseños publicados anteriormente en el que el diseño o la secuencia de plegado se ha reelaborado lo suficiente como para merecer una nueva publicación.

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Origami Re:Design


When creating an origami model, there seems to be no end, but rather milestones such as "I have created a model", "I have drawn the CP", "I have drawn the diagram"... However, when you look at your work after reaching such milestones, you may feel that you should have finished it differently, or that the folding sequence could have been more elegant or easier to fold, or that you would like to improve the design. That's why the authors decided to work on this book presenting models already published but whose design or folding sequence have been reworked enough to deserve a new publication.



This book is a compilation of 6 diagrams and 5 improved CPs:


  • Wasp
  • Heavy Dragon
  • Pair of Penguins
  • A spiral Object
  • Pegasus
  • Bambiraptor


  • Quetzal
  • Leafy Sea Dragon
  • Spiny Dragon
  • relaxing T-Rex
  • Motorcycle



Product Details:

Step by step folding instructions for 6 origami models + 5 Cps

Paperback: 84 pages
Language: Japanese



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