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Origami Sculptures

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Origami Sculptures


Origami Sculptures brings stunning detail and realism to paper folding. John Montroll, a world renowned master of origami, teaches you how to fold beautiful masterpieces, each from a single square sheet of paper. Birds, dogs, mammals, and insects are shown, and a number of the models include the Dog Base and Insect Base, from which a variety of creatures can be folded. Several of the models are folded using innovative techniques to bring out the subject's three-dimensional characteristics.

This fourth edition is in full color. There are 22 fun-to-fold projects including a Panda Bear, a Camel, a Scottish Terrier, a Walrus folded from a dollar bill instead of the usual square, and of course, an Elephant. This edition also includes a Giraffe. Each project is accompanied with notes of the animal being represented.



Author : John Montroll pioneered modern origami with the publication of his first book, Origami for the Enthusiast; Dover Publications, 1980, which was the first origami book where each model is folded from single square sheet and no cuts.
In the same book he also introduced the origami term "double rabbit ear fold".
He published at least 24 origami books. He is recognized for the exceptional clearness of his diagrams which makes its models accessible to greatest number.
I recommend his books for all beginners in origami. The folders who love complex should also know his models which propose beautiful, elegant and innovating folding sequences.

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Paperback: 120 pages
Language: English
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21 x 28 cm
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- Enviado el Monday 27 April 2015 por Alejo WH
libro que hay que tener en la biblioteca!
- Enviado el Monday 11 June 2012 por Guillaume HH
Très beau livre avec de nombreux modèles intéressants. Parfait pour les plieurs de niveau interm... (Leer más)
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