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book 4 Origami Sequence Quentin Trollip in english
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#4 Origami Sequence - 3rd colorized and expanded edition

Instrucciones paso a paso para doblar los modelos más bellos de Quentin Trollip, con 21 modelos originales de nivel intermedio a súper complejo.

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Origami Sequence


3rd edition colorized and expanded with the addition of a new model: the blue jay


Download a sample of the book here!

Quentin Trollip is renowned for the interesting origami subjects he creates. In “Origami Sequence” he presents clear and detailed step-by-step instructions for folding some of his classic designs, like the Border Collie, Orang Utan and Crucifix. Learn to fold a total of 22 original designs that range from the intermediate Scream! mask to the very complex Little Mermaid. For each model, he provides information about the design, the crease pattern and tips on the type of paper to use to achieve display-quality results.

Review by Gilad Aharoni:

This is a showcase of Quentin Trollip original creations, putting his unique twists on common and less common themes. There are many origami horses out there, but none as detailed and interesting as his Clydesdale Horse! Trollip makes excellent use of both sides of the paper in most of his designs to bring interesting features to life. In one case, using paper striped on one side to create a pharaoh's head-cover. My personal favorites in this book are the humanoid masks, including a fantastic clown head and the best origami human skull I have folded. The variety of subjects, from fictional beings to detailed animal representation will provide challenge and enjoyment to complex folders.

As always with Passion Origami books, the production quality is top-notch, with excellent photos of all models and each creation comes with Trollip's notes about the design-process, paper size and color recommendations and suggested folding method.


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Details :

  • Softcover 192 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 22 models
  • Languages: English (all texts, including diagrams) and French 



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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas #4 Origami Sequence - 3rd colorized and expanded edition (64 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Saturday 25 June 2022 por Max M
Fantastic work, Presented well
- Enviado el Saturday 05 February 2022 por Radagast IB
I founded here the finest papers ever folded, You can reborn in origami after ten years simply chosi... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Monday 03 February 2020 por adriano M
This origami shop is the best
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