Origami Symphony Collection
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Origami Symphony Collection

Estas sinfonías de origami son elaboradas composiciones con cuatro movimientos de temas variados, desde simples a complejos, que representan la riqueza del origami.

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Origami Symphony Collection

Welcome to the world premier first Origami Symphony. A musical symphony is an elaborate composition typically in four movements, each with varied musical expression and form. The symphony brought music to a new level. This origami symphony is also an elaborate composition with four movements of varying themes from simple to complex, depicting the richness of origami.

Contained in this work are 150 original models, each a masterpiece by origami master John Montroll. Each model can be folded from a single square using standard origami paper. 


Origami Symphony No. 1: The Elephant's Trumpet Call

  • First Movement: Allegro: Theme and Variation on the Classic Crane.
  • Second Movement: Andante: Simple Crawling Bugs.
  • Third Movement: Minuet of Platonic Solids with a Trio of Sunken Solids.
  • Fourth Movement: March of the Large African Animals.

Origami Symphony No. 2: Trio of Sharks & Playful Prehistoric Mammals

  • First Movement: Allegro Agitato: Sharks in the Sea.
  • Second Movement: Andante: Dulce, Peaceful Creatures.
  • Third Movement: Minuet of Dimpled Polyhedra with a Trio of Archimedean Solids.
  • Fourth Movement: March of the Prehistoric Mammals.

Origami Symphony No. 3: Duet of Majestic Dragons & Dinosaurs

  • First Movement: Allegro: Quacking Chorus of Dinosaurs.
  • Second Movement: Andante: Colorful Australian Birds.
  • Third Movement: Minuet of Diamonds with a Trio of Dimpled Diamonds.
  • Fourth Movement: Presto: Flight of the Dragons.

Origami Symphony No. 4: Capturing Vibrant Coral Reef Fish

  • First Movement: Allegro: Songs of the Tropical Birds.
  • Second Movement: Andante: Colorful Coral Reef Fish Swimming in Harmony.
  • Third Movement: Minuet of Deltahedra with a Trio of Duo-Colored Octahedra.
  • Fourth Movement: Allegro: Deep Melodies from the Sea Invertebrates.



  • Pack of 4 books
  • Color pages
  • A4 format
  • Langage: English


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