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Tissue-paper is a very thin paper (18 to 25 gsm) very interesting for origami


How to use

this paper:


Make sandwich papers : Glue tissue paper onto a sheet of aluminum for cooking or foil-papers:


Coat it with Methyl Cellulose (wallpaper paste) or paint it with acrylic color : the result is an amazingly thin paper suitable to fold super complex models.




How to choose my tissue paper?

  1. To mimic animal fur
    => Unryu or Mulberry (Unryu has a much higher quality. It's prettier, softer, stronger / Mulberry is roughened but more economical)

  2. To mimic the well stocked animal fur
    => Fur Tissue-paper

  3. to make your sandwich paper
    - to make a very thin sheet for complex models => Unicolor Tissue-papers 
    - to make a sheet to exhibit and highlight your models: all other tissue papers according to the desired effect

  4. How to choose between fibrous tissue paper like Unryu, Mulberry and Banana?
    Unryu has a much higher quality. It's prettier, softer, stronger
    Mulberry is roughened but more economical and sheets are extra large, ideal for very large models
    Banana has longer visible fibers as well as less common colors

  5. For use with methylcellulose 
    => Unryu because it is stronger 
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