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Here is a selection of some of my creations.
I'll gradually added here all my models. In the meantime, you can already see several of them on this
old page.

Sale of models:
These models were made for exhibitions or private or commercial commissions. So they are not available for sale. However, if you want to offer one of its models, I can fold one specifically for you. Obviously, the folding is done by hand and the final result may vary from image shown. But your model will be unique! Price start from 50 € depending of the model and its use (private collection or commercial use). For more details, thanks to contact me

Commissioned models:
I can design anyy models of yoru choice with the style you wish (realistic, cartoon, abstract....etc)
The price depends on many factors such as the complexity of the model or its use (Private collection or commercial commission). For more details, thanks to contact me
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