Origami book Bonsai with DVD Benjamin John Coleman in english
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Origami Bonsai (+ DVD)

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Book Description:


This book includes a DVD!
Origami bonsai is the art of folding paper flowers and leaves which are glued to natural branches, creating exquisite botanical sculptures. Origami Bonsai teaches readers from all walks of life the skills necessary to create these intricate and stunning pieces of art.

The beauty of origami bonsai is that even newcomers to paperfolding can create fantastic arrangements. With each page of the book readers will have the opportunity to create their own amazingly lifelike sculptures. Revolutionary approaches in this book include mass production of leaves, painting techniques and depth enhancement. Each page leads to new discoveries that will inspire the creation of wildly complex plant sculptures. Readers will be surprised at how easy these sculptures are to create, and how much they are appreciated by others.

About the Author

Benjamin John Coleman left his teaching career in 1996 and made the creation of origami bonsai a new way of life. Benjamin's revolutionary approach to the art inspires his continued creation of origami bonsai botanical sculptures. Benjamin lives in Pawtucket, RI.


Product Details:
Hardcover: 112 pages

Date : 2010
Language: English
Product Dimensions : 22cm X 28cm 

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- Enviado el Friday 27 November 2015 por Manuel RDPRDP
Estupendo libro de combinaciones de flores y hojas. Muy bonitas disposiciones. Muy bien ilustrad y c... (Leer más)
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