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Book Description:

Origami5 continues in the excellent tradition of its four previous incarnations, documenting work presented at an extraordinary series of meetings that explored the connections between origami, mathematics, science, technology, education, and other academic fields.

The fifth such meeting, 5OSME (July 13-17, 2010, Singapore Management University) followed the precedent previous meetings to explore the interdisciplinary connections between origami and the real world. This book begins with a section on origami history, art, and design. It is followed by sections on origami in education and origami science, engineering, and technology, and culminates with a section on origami mathematics-the pairing that inspired the original meeting.

Within this one volume, you will find a broad selection of historical information, artists' descriptions of their processes, various perspectives and approaches to the use of origami in education, mathematical tools for origami design, applications of folding in engineering and technology, as well as original and cutting-edge research on the mathematical underpinnings of origami.

Product Details:
Paperback: 643
Date : 2010
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 15 cm x 23 cm

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- Enviado el Wednesday 29 June 2016 por Dewi BBB
Un condensé d'innovations par le pliage, livre arrivé en parfait état dans du papier bulle :)
- Enviado el Saturday 13 February 2016 por Cynthia B
This and the other books ordered arrived quickly, were well-packed and exactly as ordered. The bonus... (Leer más)
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