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Storytime Origami

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Book Description:
Whether you're just beginning to learn origami or you've become a master of paperfolding, you'll enjoy this news spin on an ancient craft that combines the beauty of origami with the art of storytelling. Dover's bestselling origami author, John Montroll, offers simple instructions and clear diagrams to help you bring four of the most beloved fairy tale calssics to life.

42 different models re-create the memorable characters and delightful scenes from "The Ugly Duckling", "Goldilockes and the Three Bears", "The Three Little Pigs", "Humpty-Dumpty" and "Cinderella". The variety of forms - ranging from easy to complex - will appeal to origami aficionados at all levels and create hours of fun for crafters. When complete, you will be enchanted with the results.

Fans will discover, as usual with Montroll,
new fluid and innovative folding sequences.

Product Details:
Paperback: 120 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions:
21 cm x 29.7 cm

42 models diagrams step by step.
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