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16 shades of Green (Limited Edition)

Este paquete le ofrece la mayoría de los tonos de verde disponibles en la tienda con una selección de 16 papeles diferentes, por lo que seguro que encontrará el papel adecuado para su plegado.

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16 shades of GREEN (Limited Edition)

  • 16sheets with 14 different kind of papers

  • Format: 24x24 cm, 30x30 cm and 35x35 cm (see details below)

Origami-shop offers a wide variety of green papers which you can find listed here. Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect shade of green combined with the right texture and thickness.


This pack offers you most of the green shades available in the store among a selection of 16 different papers, so you can be sure to find the right paper for your folding.


This pack is EXCLUSIVE to our store.


Extra fine papers:

  • Tissue-foil 30x30 cm
  • Korean Hanji Green Forest 30x30 cm
  • Shadow-fold Malakite 30x30 cm


Fine papers :

  • Duo Thai Blue/Green 24x24 cm
  • Duo Thai Dark Green/Green 30x30 cm
  • Washi Deluxe Green Moss 35x35 cm
  • Tant Yoda Green 35x35 cm
  • Biotope Green Forest 35x35 cm
  • Biotope Green Moss 35x35 cm
  • Satogami Wasabi 35x35 cm
  • Vintage Green Apple 35x35 cm


Thick papers :

  • Rouketsu 24x24 cm
  • Rare Elephant Hide Paper 30x30 cm
  • Kinumomi 35x35 cm
  • Grainy 35x35 cm
  • Octa Green Mat 35x35 cm


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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas 16 shades of Green (Limited Edition) (1 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Monday 04 December 2017 por Simona P
This pack of papers has everything you would ever need to fold models from simple to highly complex ... (Leer más)
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