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Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design - Second Edition
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Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design

Esta nueva edición presenta una innovadora técnica de plegado para el teselado del origami, de fácil acceso para todos aquellos que aprecian los pliegues geométricos del papel.

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Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design - Second Edition

This new edition of Six Simple Twists introduces an innovative pleat pattern technique for origami designs that is easily accessible to anyone who enjoys the geometry of paper. The book begins with six basic forms meant to ease the reader into the style, and then systematically scaffolds the instructions to build a strong understanding of the techniques, leading to instructions on a limitless number of patterns. It then describes a process of designing additional building blocks. At the end, what emerges is a fascinating artform that will enrich folders for many years. Unlike standard, project-based origami books, Six Simple Twists focuses on how to design, rather than construct.

In this thoroughly updated second edition, the book explores new techniques and example tessellations, with full-page images, and mathematical analysis of the patterns. A reader will, through practice, gain the ability to create still more complex and fascinating designs.


Key Features:

  • Introduces the reader to origami tessellations and demonstrates their place in the origami community
  • New layout and instructional approach restructure the book from the ground up
  • Addresses common tessellation questions, such as what types of paper are best to use, and how this artform rose in popularity
  • Teaches the reader how to grid a sheet of paper and the importance of the pre-creases
  • Gives the reader the ability to create and understand tessellations through scaffolded instruction
  • Includes exercises to test understanding
  • Introduces a new notation system for precisely describing pleat intersections
  • Analyzes pleat intersections mathematically using geometrically-focused models, including information about Brocard points


"Six Simple Twists is a gentle introduction to the vast, wide world of origami twist tessellations that brings the reader through the successive stages of folding, understanding, and, ultimately, designing origami geometric patterns based on the powerful hexagon grid system. The six twists of the title―interacting configurations of paper pleats―may be simple in isolation, but Parker shows how they can be combined in uncountable variety. Parker presents more than a bare plan; he gives tips and techniques, guidelines and hints, using standard origami notation where it is useful, but also introducing new notations (such as markings for mountain- and valley-like vertices) that aid both understanding and folding. Throughout the book are shown photographs of the author’s own beautiful tessellation creations: these serve to illustrate the concepts within the book and inspire the reader to her/his own inventions."
Dr. Robert J. Lang, Origami Artist and Consultant, LangOrigami.com


"Origami tessellation, a form of abstract geometric paper-folding, has been growing in popularity in the last 10 to 20 years but unlike more traditional forms of origami, it does not have a consistent system of diagramming or even a vocabulary of its own. In this book, Ben Parker addresses this problem. The interested novice will find important information to get started folding tessellations, from techniques for folding the grid, to the basic twist folds, to composing complex patterns of multiple twists.
The advanced folder will find a thoughtful approach to defining and describing the geometry of origami as revealed in tessellation. Whatever level of experience readers bring to this book, they will find something to challenge them. Six simple twists are only a starting point for Ben’s analysis of tessellation. Ben brings artistry and an analytic perspective to this subject, and provides much useful information and inspiration."
―Joel Cooper, Origami Artist

Product Details:
Paperback: 308 color pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 20 cm x 25 cm


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Opinión de internautas Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design (2 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Sunday 26 February 2023 por Marlene B
A good book for both beginners and those who already know some basics.
- Enviado el Thursday 10 September 2020 por Mariana KKKKKKK
A fantastic addition to my library!
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