#09 Tessellation Serie : Mushroom
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#09 Tessellation Serie : Mushroom

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#09 Tesselation Serie: Mushroom 


This booklet represents the way of folding the first tessellation of the author. It is best to fold it out of a hexagon cut from a A2 format, for example metalized.
The mushrooms can be placed in a different level of concentration from the central mushroom. The denser we want to put the mushrooms, th eharder it will be to twist them. I also used the element of tesselation in the creation of jewelry.


To facilitate understanding of the special technique of folding tessellation, the diagram use high-resolution photos, with the usual symbolic folding. So the model is easy to fold.


Product Details:
Softcover: 32 pages
Language: English & Polish
Product Dimensions: 15 cm x 21 cm
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