Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design - Second Edition
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Todai Origami - Learn how to use a CP

Crease Patterns are the ultimate puzzle for enthousiast folders. This book help you to decode CPs with complete diagrams to help you understand and use them.

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Todai Origami - Learn how to use a CP

The members of ORIST, the Origami Circle of the University of Tokyo, like complex origami models and are passionate about Crease Patterns (Cps). With this book, they present what they are proud of: super complex origami that they challenge you to fold. 


The book consists of 4 parts:


Chapter 1: The Crease Patterns (CPs)
24 intermediate to super complex models presented as CPs.


Chapter 2: Explanations

How to use and crack a CP (Text in japanese)


Chapter 3: Solutions

11 of the models in Chapter 1 are presented here with their complete diagrams related to their CP. 
In this chapter, you will learn how to crack and fold the models, understand the logic behind using a CP and what are the steps for decoding and folding a CP.


Chapter 4: CPs to be cut and folded 

5 Printed CPs with all the folds marked on the sheet to practice 

To summarize, this book teaches you how a CP works, suggests folding models from an already drawn CP, and then gives you the solution with step-by-step diagrams. An ideal and indispensable book to start out in the world of CP.


Product Details:
Paperback: 122 pages
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 25 cm


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