Tomoko Fuse - La reine de l'origami
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Tomoko Fuse - La reine de l'origami

Un magnífico libro para presentar la increíble belleza de los pliegues de Tomoko Fuse a través de sus modelos más espectaculares y emblemáticos, verdaderas obras de arte.

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Tomoko Fuse - La reine de l'origami

An essential book for all origami enthusiasts.


Tomoko Fuse is a famous origami artist who is constantly experimenting with new ways of folding paper and who has distinguished himself by creating beautiful geometric figures, even coming to design manufactured objects and design. For this gorgeous large-format photos-book, she has selected several of her most spectacular and iconic designs, real works of art made over the years, so beautiful that some of them decorate prestigious public places and in and out of Japan. Her intention is to share with others the indefinable beauty that comes from the simple action of folding paper.


Product Details:

Hardcover: 231 pages

Date : 2018
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 25x30 cm

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