» » » » » Wakagami Hanji White - 22 gsm - 68x68 cm (27''x27'')
Wakagami Hanji White - 22 gsm - 68x68 cm (27''x27'')
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Wakagami Hanji White - 22 gsm - 68x68 cm (27''x27'')

El wakagami es un papel fabricado a mano con hojas de morera especialmente tratadas.

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Wakagami Hanji

  • 1 sheet 68x68 cm (27''x27'')
  • White color
  • Extra thin: 22 gsm

Wakagami is a handmade paper made from specially treated mulberry leaves. 

It is resistant to folding, yet soft to the touch with a silky feel. It is white with a slight translucent effect. This makes it ideal for folding Tesselations. But it's also perfectly suited to super-complex bending thanks to its strength, thinness and large size. It keeps the fold well, although a touch of methylcellulose will help it gain in rigidity, for example for animal paws to support the weight of the model. 


Important note:

  • These sheets are hand-made. They are extra large and may show signs of handling (see photos).
  • These 68x68 cm sheets will be sent folded. They will therefore inevitably contain traces of folding, which should not, however, interfere with the final appearance of your model.

By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these folded sheets with handling marks.

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Notas y comentarios

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