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livre Origami Bonsai avec DVD de Benjamin John Coleman en anglais

Kit Origami Bonsai (+ DVD)

Pliez de magnifiques bonsaïs avec ce Kit comprenant un DVD, un livret d'instructions et du papier origami pour plier plus de 400 feuilles et fleurs.

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Kit Origami Bonsai


Make beautiful origami flowers then arrange them into stunning origami bonsai sculptures with this easy origami kit.wich contains:
  • Full-color 64-page instruction book
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Introduction to paper folding techniques
  • 8 different mix-and-match flower forms
  • 4 different types of leaves
  • Enough Origami paper to fold 400 flowers and leaves
  • A 3 hour DVD video tutorial to compliment the lessons in the book
  • All videos are also streamable or downloadable online

Folding paper flowers is a great way for beginners to learn origami while still making an impressive finished bonsai sculpture. Even experienced folders will find new and original designs to add to their origami repertoires!

Origami flower projects include:

  • The Ficus Leaf
  • The Berlin Poplar Leaf
  • The Black Eyed Susan
  • The Foxglove
  • The Buttercup
  • And much more…

About the Author

Benjamin John Coleman left his teaching career in 1996 and made the creation of origami bonsai a new way of life. Benjamin's revolutionary approach to the art inspires his continued creation of origami bonsai botanical sculptures. Benjamin lives in Pawtucket, RI.


Product Details:

  • Softcover 64 Pages + DVD to fold 4 leaf & 8 flower models
  • Papers: 48 8"x8" full-color, 2-sided folding papers
  • Language: English
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