» » » » Step 7: Suggest an Activity - a Talk, a Panel or a Workshop
Step 7: Suggest an Activity - a Talk, a Panel or a Workshop
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Step 7: Suggest an Activity - a Talk, a Panel or a Workshop

Visit the first monument dedicated to an origami model (90 years)

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Suggest an Activity - a Talk, a Panel or a Workshop



This year we emphasize Creativity and broaden the scope of the convention topics. To do so, we are inviting paper artists and (industrial/interior/fashion/graphic) designers to join us, to learn from other paper art fields, and to encourage cooperation with designers who are seeking to work with origami artists. 


What we look for are talks, debates, projects or issues you want to be part of, to lead or to listen to.


Here are some ideas about the relevant topics:

  • Origami and Art - the neverending debate. What brings paper works into a museum? Can we learn from Paper cutters how to sell paper works?

  • Origami and (industrial/interior/fashion/graphic) Design - how to make a product out of an origami model, or by using folding techniques. 

  • Origami Design techniques - from Circle Packing to Box Pleating.

  • Book Publishing - a publisher vs. self-publish, pricing, diagramming, graphic design, the publishing process, etc.

  • Exhibitions - how to curate exhibits with and without other artists' works, with co-curators, and with contracts, etc.

  • Exhibiting - how to choose in which exhibit to participate, what to check in the contract, packing origami, sending origami, etc.

  • How to make a living out of origami - teaching, commissioned work, selling work, pricing, galleries, etc.

  • Paper - processing, sources, types, preservation of models, etc.

  • Copyrights and Intellectual Property matters.

  • Diagrams - software to use, handy trick and shortcuts, the aesthetic of diagrams.

  • Any other relevant topic of your choice.


We are going to have two spaces. The main hall (A) will hold talks and panels. The other room (B) will host a more open and free environment, to encourage discussions and replacing ideas.


For room B, you can suggest topics, but there is no need to prepare a talk. The idea is to bring the logs and some burning fluids, and let the topic be the spark. In this class, we do not try to control the fire! Bring the ingredients and we will see what comes out of it.


You can follow this link to fill the details of your proposal:




Or write directly to us, following this format:

  • Name and title.

  • Topic.

  • Type of activity: 

    • Talk

    • Panel

    • Open discussion

    • Other; please specify

  • About this: describe the topic in five sentences.



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