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Where is my ebook ?
How to download a purchased file or ebook ?



  • Only for ebooks of our own book collection

    The file will be sent to you via wetransfer.com as soon as we put your nice name on the cover.
    A link should be also at the end of the message on the order confirmation email we have sent to you.

Why I have not received the link yet to download it?


The file is sent manually, so most often sent in the day or the next day if ordered at night, or on monday if ordered on weekend. We are doing as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience.


  • For all other files and ebooks purchased on the shop:


 Login to you

Enter the section

"My Downloads"

Click on the file name to download it


Upon receipt of your payment, the file(s) will be available immediately and automatically.

Example :





Still do not have your ebook?






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