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You have a blog, a website, a youtube channel ... etc about origami ?
By creating an affiliate account with origami-shop.com you earn 5% commission on each sale made by a visitor from your site.

It's very easy. Just copy/paste our code in your website. As soon as you earn 5 €, we could pay you via paypal or a discount on the shop.

Online, you can access

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You can choose yourself your banner among a lot of (discrete banner without picture until large banner)
You can also promote only one article. For example, if you fold the Vixen by Roman Diaz and show the result on your blog, why not propose to your visitors to buy the book through Origami-shop. For each sale, you will earn 5%, i.e. around 1.5 € per book.

Some of our affiliates :
- Gilad Origami
- Happyfolding.com
- Happyfolding Youtube Channel

- L'origamiste

- jonakashima Youtube Channel
- Dollar Artist


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