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Creative Origami Ideas and Techniques #1
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Creative Origami Ideas and Techniques #1

Follow the teachings of the great Master Fumiaki Kawahata to understand the techniques for clean and precise folding and then discover his tips for designing your own origami models.

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Creative Origami Ideas and Techniques #1

The great origami masters are not only able to create technical masterpieces, but also to fold and finish them in a remarkable way. What are their tricks, as origami professionals, to be able to amaze us so much?


Fumiaki Kawhata, author of many books, and pillar of the Japanese association JOAS, presents us his tricks and shares his experience of creator.

  • At first, he gives us his advices to fold precisely to obtain the best possible result (3D folding)
  • Then he teaches us different techniques and innovations to develop folding sequences.
  • Finally, he gives us tips on how to create your own patterns, such as gusset folding and reverse folding techniques.

A must for fans of Kawahata's models, as well as for those who want to make beautiful origami, exciting to fold.

The book features folding instructions for 39 models. Key folding sequences are explained in video (QR code).



Table of contents:

  1. Folding in beauty
    Explanation / Cat / Scottish Terrier / Maple Leaf / Kingfisher / Gassho-Zukuri / Moai / Panda / Rabbit / Prairie Dog / Gorilla / Anteater / Pelican / Unicorn

  2. Design a folding process
    Explanation / Monk / Catfish / Swan / Napoleon Fish / Manta Ray / Georgia Flag / Four Leaf Clover / Maple Leaf / Bat

  3. Think about a design
    Explanation / Anglerfish butterfly / Piranha / Shachihoko / Cat's head / Snail / Sheep / Nautilus object / Ladybug / Shark / Khufu pyramid / Sphinx / Sea turtle / Frog / Nun / Tyrannosaurus / Fox / Seahorse


Product Details:
Softcover: 192 color pages
Date : 2022
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 18 cm x 25 cm


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