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Double Tissue Red / Pink
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Double Tissue Red / Pink

The double tissue is made of two layers of high quality tissue paper, glued together. It is an exclusive origami paper, outstanding for folding complex models.

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Double Tissue - Red / Pink


An ideal paper for origami complex models !
- Choose the size in the options above
- 36 gsm


The "Double Tissue" is so called because it is made of two layers of high quality tissue paper, glued one on top of the other. This paper has outstanding folding qualities:

  • Its exceptional thinness (36 g/m²) makes it the ideal paper for the most complex folding sequence.
  • Thanks to the glue used to glue the two sheets together, this extra thin sheet gains in rigidity and becomes foldable (unlike raw tissue paper).
  • To finalize and fix your model, add a little water spray to reactivate the glue and solidify your model during drying, which will allow it to keep its shape over time.

Notes : 

  • These items are exclusive products to our shop made for us. We cut also them into squares and conditioning them ourselves. 
  • Important: Each sheet 45x45 cm will be sent folded to be able to send it to you. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. 

    => By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheet 45x45 cm folded 
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- Enviado el Monday 11 March 2024 por denis S
Excellent papier qui m'a convaincu de faire le mien !!! Entre la finesse équivalente avec du Kraft ... (Leer más)
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