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Earrings - Fine Silver Cranes
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Earrings - Fine Silver Cranes

Long Earrings - Fine Silver Cranes

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Earrings - Origami Cranes

Gingerfolds has been producing origami jewellery for over a decade. To make her silver jewelry, she uses a product called "Precious Metal Clay" which is pure silver mixed with a compound mixed in, which gives it clay-like properties. This enables the material to be molded and shaped in the same ways as any other clay. Kiln firing causes the compound to nurn away, leaving .999 Fine Silver, which is the purest form of silver available.

  • Size: Crane = 15x15x25 mm / Length 20 mm
  • Composition: Cranes in fine silver / Earring in Fine Silver + Sterling

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- Enviado el Saturday 01 July 2023 por yannick Q
Malgré quelque péripéties de livraison c'est un Superbe produit qui a eu l'effet escompté. Ces b... (Leer más)
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