Twist and Tess: Tessellations and more
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Gira y Tesela: Teselados y algo más

Instrucciones paso a paso para doblar 26 Teselaciones de origami y otros 5 modelos. El libro también incluye una historia de los mosaicos y consejos para doblarlos.

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Twist and Tess: Tessellations and more


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"With a prologue by Tomoko Fuse, the worldwide renowned Japanese origami master, the book contains 26 of my favourite tessellations, along other designs derived from those models (3 boxes and 2 “omiyage/tato).
The book starts with an introduction to the origins and history of tessellations and describes the techniques and materials needed by those who want to begin with this kind of origami.
The models are sorted based on the twists used in each one and include suggestions based on my own folding experience.
For each model, a CP (crease pattern) is included, along with step by step instructions to fold it. Those instructions contain diagrams and their related text.
At the end of each model you can see the picture of the finished model (usually in the extended version).
Scattered between the different models, the reader can see the original hand drawn diagrams by Alejandra Zapico, that were the base of the final computer drawn diagrams.
At the end of the book, there are several appendices, such as a small english-spanish origami dictionary, the symbol guide for those used in the book and several references related to tessellations."


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Paperback: 230 pages
Language: English or spanish depending on the option chosen.

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Opinión de internautas Gira y Tesela: Teselados y algo más (2 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Tuesday 24 May 2022 por Carmen H
Sehr ansprechende Modelle, gut erklärt.
- Enviado el Saturday 13 March 2021 por Jens K
The book nicely covers the basics and provides instructions for nice models as well as many ideas on... (Leer más)
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