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Kamikara - Mechanical Origami
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Kamikara Horror - Mechanical Origami

¡Estos 3D monstruos se despliegan, saltan y se transforman mágicamente gracias a un ingenioso mecanismo de papel que construirás tú mismo!

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Kamikara Horror - Mechanical Origami

See as a flat stack of paper springs like magic to life, instantly becoming a 3D Monsters! Now be amazed by another type of papercraft. 

Inspired by the pop-up Art, these models unfold, jump and magically transform thanks to an ingenious paper mechanism which folds and unfolds in one swift movement. Designs by the Japanese designer Haruki Nakamura.

Videos of each models here : http://sp.nihonbungeisha.co.jp/kamikarahorror/



Product Details:
Softcover : 64 pages
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 30 cm

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Notas y comentarios

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