origami book #2 Licence to fold nicolas terry in english
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#2 Licence to fold

Los mejores maestros de origami y los artistas jóvenes más prometedores se han reunido para presentarte algunos de sus mejores modelos.

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Licence to fold

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The greatest origami masters and most promising young artists have been brought together to present some of their best models to you. All you need is a square sheet of paper and your fingers. No glue, no scissors ! From the simplest models to the most complex works of art, the diagrams will lead you clearly and concisely, and step by step, through the folding of the 21 outstanding models that make up this book.

Review by Gilad Aharoni:


To write this book, Nicolas Terry sought out some of today's prominent origami designers from all over the world, and asked them to diagram a model of theirs that he liked, and for which no diagrams existed beforehand. If they didn't have diagrams for their model, Nicolas volunteered to help draw the instructions. 

The result is a fascinating look at the contemporary origami scene, with a wide range of representational origami. From the artistic approach of Giang Dinh, creating a cat with only a few folds, which is actually one of the most difficult models in the book, to the ultra-realistic models coming from rising new origami-stars from Vietnam.

As always with Nicolas Terry's books, the production quality is superb, with clear diagrams and beautiful pictures, and with each model accompanied by information about the designer, the design itself and suggestions for suitable papers.

As extra features, there are interviews with two creators, Nguyen Hung Cuong and Seth Friedman, discussing their design process with crease-patterns for their creations. Also included is a puzzle, that when deciphered and emailed to the author, grants access to a secret web-page containing even more diagrams.

A great book, which is certain to become a classic.


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Details :

  • Softcover 160 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 21 models
  • Languages: English (all texts, including diagrams) and Frenc

List :

#1 Baby Dragon by Daniela Carboni
#2 Bear by John Montroll
#3 Bare Tree by John Montroll
#4 Sailing Ship by Francesco Miglionico
#5 3D Goose by Nicolas Terry
#6 3D Duck by Nicolas Terry
#7 Cat by Giang Dinh
#8 Cartoon Mouse by Halle
#9 Cartoon Cat by Halle
#10 Prehistoric Bird by Román Díaz
#11 Cow by David Llanque
#12 Horse by Ronald Koh
#13 Gorilla byQuentin Trollip
#14 The Wizard's Apprentice by Noboru Miyajima 
#15 Jester by Fernando Gilgado
#16 Acrocinus Longimanus by Lionel Albertino
#17 Boxer Mantis by Manuel Sirgo
#18 Panda by Didier Piguel
#19 Redpath Pteranodon by Robert J. Lang
#20 Swordsman by Hoàng Trung Thành
#21 Eagle by Nguyen Hung Cuong

12 free diagrams more if you find the secret code include in the book

Articles : Interview & design
#1 Nguyen Hung Cuong / Design: Lucanus Cervus
#2 Seth Friedman / Design: Kabuto Beetle

Free Spanish, French and german translations of all texts available here.

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Opinión de internautas #2 Licence to fold (23 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Friday 06 September 2019 por Ding S
Th The book is very good. Thanks.
- Enviado el Monday 12 February 2018 por Stephen A
After reading Book #1 in this series, Book #2 is a bit of a disappointment, mainly due to the poor d... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Saturday 03 February 2018 por Christoph L
Thank you, Katia and Nicolas, once more for your wonderful assistance with a difficult order before ... (Leer más)
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