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Origami japanese Papers 24x24cm 60 sheets scrapbooking
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Pack: Kami Mixed - 50 colors - 60 sheets - 15x15 cm

Thin, strong, colorful, this assortment of colors will particularly interest beginners and is ideal to practice origami.

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Pack Japanese Origami Papers

With a wide range of colors, from sandy pastels to elephant skin gray or metallic paper, you are sure to find the perfect color for your folding.

  • Size: 15x15 cm (6"x6")
  • 50 differents colors
  • One side colored, one side white.
  • Extra fine : 53 g/m²


This Japanese paper is ideal for origami:

  • Extra thin, it allows the folding of all types of models.
  • The presence of a white side helps to locate and follow the instructions. The white side also allows for a change of color for the most advanced models.
  • With 50 different colors, you will always find the right color for your project. 
  • The 15x15 cm (6''x6'') size will make folding easier for beginners



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Opinión de internautas Pack: Kami Mixed - 50 colors - 60 sheets - 15x15 cm (7 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Monday 29 June 2020 por Patrick GGGGGG
Tolles günstiges Kami. Die Farben sind super und das Papier bringt tolle Ergebnisse ohne zu reißen... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Sunday 12 January 2020 por Thomas D
Le pack correspond aux attentes, couleurs diverses respectées
- Enviado el Monday 03 December 2018 por Sarah P
Good for beginners, perfect starting papers
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