Beautiful Origami Rose (+ DVD)
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Super realistic origami roses

Recopilación de las mejores rosas superrealistas, creadas por Naomiki Sato, con instrucciones de plegado actualizadas para facilitar su comprensión.

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Super realistic origami roses


French origami artist Naomiki Sato is famous in the origami community for her magical roses. This book presents step-by-step instructions for folding her most beautiful, ultra-realistic paper roses to decorate your office, home, wedding or next get-together.

This book is a compilation of the best roses published in "Rose origami from a sheet of paper" and "Beautiful rose origami". This collection features 16 types of roses and buds, each with its own folding technique. Some roses are relatively easy to fold, while others will require more patience to achieve super realism. Some folding instructions have been revised to make them easier to understand, and new explanations have been added. The new sections also include suggestions on how to prepare and display folded works, as well as a tip on how to fold paper with a white reverse so that the color of the reverse is not visible. An instructional video can be viewed to help you with the folding process.



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Softcover: 144 pages

Language: English
Product Dimensions : 19 x 25.5cm 

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- Enviado el Saturday 30 September 2023 por Emilyana M
Je suis fan de cet artiste. Les modèles sont un peu compliqués mais au moment les schémas et les ... (Leer más)
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