Tonos de azul - Duo extra
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Tonos de azul - Duo extra

Este papel de doble cara presenta una gran variedad de papeles azules reunidos en este pack. Con una cara blanca y un tamaño grande, estas hojas son su aliado para plegar suntuosos modelos.

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Shades of Blue - Duo extra large

Origami sheet with different colors on each side are rather rare. They are even rarer in large sizes. Exclusively, Origami-shop offers you this kind of sheets. Similar in appearance to Japanese kami, the "Duo Extra" paper is however much stronger and the color does not run off on the folding lines. It is recommended for complex folding and that's why it is used by Chinese designers like Chen XiaoMi WuMeng Weining (212moving), Syn (Jiahui Li), Kingsley HwangZhaoHui (MiChen) et bien d'autres. 


Tutorial by Chen Xiao using one this Blue Duo Extra Large:

Origami-shop's "Duo Extra" range offers a wide variety of blue papers. Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect shade of blue for a design. This pack offers you all the existing shades of blue to help you find the right color for your folding.


This pack is EXCLUSIVE to our store. 

  • Select the size in the options above
  • Weight: 50 gsm

The content of the packs evolves according to the availability of the colors. At the moment, here is the composition according to the size:

  • 20x20 cm (8''x8''): Pack of 18 sheets / 9 different shades of blue / White back
  • 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5''): Pack of 16 sheets / 8 different shades of blue / White back
  • 30x30 cm (12''x12''): Pack of 7 sheets / 7 different shades of blue / White back
  • 40x40 cm (16''x16''): Pack of 9 sheets / 9 different shades of blue / White back
  • 50x50 cm (20''x20''): Pack of 8 sheets / 8 different shades of blue / White back
  • 60x60 cm (23.6''x23.6''): Pack of 8 sheets / 8 different shades of blue / White back

Please note:

  • These square sheets are EXCLUSIVE to our store as we cut and package them ourselves.
  • Important : The 40x40 cm, 50x50 cm and 60x60 cm sheets will be sent to you folded. They will therefore contain traces of folds which should not affect the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these sheets folded.
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- Enviado el Saturday 24 June 2023 por Valérie A
papier de belle taille avec un grammage parfait (enfin c'est que mon avis ;) ). Robuste, ne se déch... (Leer más)
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