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Origami books


We publish a collection of origami books


- of very high quality.

- intended to promote the work of origami artists



  • "Passion Origami" Collection:
    Historical collection in black and white, rebooted in color with each reprint.
  • "Happy Folding" Collection:
    Main collection in color with varnished cover, presenting a new generation of artists.
  • "Drawing Origami" Collection:
    Collection with the objective of "saving" models from oblivion by diagramming and publishing authors who are not or no longer able to draw and share their creations.
  • "Origami Adventure" Collection:
    Collection exploring new concepts. We accompany authors in the creation of their new project, or in the updating of a book, at every stage, from the idea to the finalization of the manuscript.
  • "Stand Alone" Collection:
    Books edited by the authors themselves - We provide our technical expertise to print and distribute their book.
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