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Double Tissue

"Double Tissue", a super thin handmade sheet, ideal for complex origami

This extra thin origami paper is EXCLUSIVE to our store! It is an extra thin paper, ideal for complex origami folding and modeling. The color combinations are unprecedented.


"Double Tissue" is so called because it is made of two layers of high quality tissue paper, glued one on top of the other. This paper has remarkable qualities for folding:

  • Its exceptional thinness (36 g/m²) makes it the ideal paper for the most complex origami models.
  • Thanks to the glue used to glue the two sheets together, this extra thin sheet gains in rigidity and becomes foldable (contrary to the silk paper used raw)
  • To finalize and fix your model, add a little water spray to reactivate the glue and solidify your model when drying, allowing it to keep its shape over time.

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