Olympiad 2013 [e-book Edition]
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Olympiad 2013 [e-book Edition]

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Product Details:

The International Origami Olympiad is a friendly contest which offer each year a list of new models to fold by the participants.


This is the selection for 2013:


Full Diagrams:


Task 1: Heart With Cranes - Andrey Lukyanov
Task 2: Chocobo - Andrey Ermakov
Task 3: Dragon - Sergey Yartsev
Task 4Cicada -  Yasushi Miyashita
Task 5: Bull - Andrey Ermakov


CPs :

Task 6: Spider-Human - Ivan Danny Handoko


Kusudama :

Task 7: Sonobe version - Andrey Hechuev


Tesselations :

Task 8: Iso Area Square Pattern 12 - Daniel Kwan

Task 9: Ruota Idraulica - Peter Keller

Task 10: Tournesols - Ryoichi Takagi



Corrugations :

Task 11: Glaucus Atlanticus - Andrey Ermakov


Product Details:

Format : PDF 6.25 Mo

Language : English
Nombre de pages : 59 pages 


Credits photos & folds:

Heart With Cranes - Nikita Bykov / Chocobo - Fabiana Sanapanya / Dragon - Fabiana Sanapanya / Cicada -  Atilla Yurtkul / Spider-Human - Atilla Yurtkul / Sonobe version - Nikita Bykov / Iso Area Square Pattern 12 - Fabiana Sanapanya / Ruota Idraulica - Nikita Bykov / Tournesols - Atilla Yurtkul / Glaucus Atlanticus - Fabiana Sanapanya

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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas Olympiad 2013 [e-book Edition] (5 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Tuesday 25 June 2019 por Alan HHH
Great e-book with some complex models. All models except the "Chocobo" are only available in this e-... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Tuesday 17 January 2017 por Werner Paul QM
encontrar el toro(bull) ha sido suficiente para que quiera comprar el libro.
sin desmerecer l... (Leer más)
- Enviado el Sunday 21 February 2016 por valérie B
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