#8 Spirits of Origami
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#8 Spirits of Origami

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Spirits of Origami


Free diagram for the squirrel !
Download it here

Free Pattern for the Kingfisher !
Download it here


Gen Hagiwara is one of the most promising Japanese Origami Artists in the world today. He is famous in the origami community for his cute and full life models with amazing folding sequences bringing so much pleasure to fold. A captivating combination that already fascinates thousands of folders in the world. Fold 33 models from intermediate to complex level with clear and fun step-by-step instructions.

See photos of all models here.

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Hardcover with digital book option
  • Digital book alone

    Digital edition: Too impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you would like a version for your smartphone or tablet? Check the digital option above. You could download it immediately from Your Account>My downloads” as soon as we accept your payment.
    The digital version may also be available on our "Origami Shop Library" application at your request (write a comment during the checkout in order we unlock its availability).

Details :

  • 208 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 33 models
  • Languages: English and French 
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Opinión de internautas #8 Spirits of Origami (37 Comentarios)

stars_5 - Enviado el lunes 07 junio 2021 por Icham T
the children of the Origami Morroco association have made several origami items from this magnificen... (Leer más)
stars_5 - Enviado el domingo 20 diciembre 2020 por yayoi N
I really enjoy to make these animals.
Lovely design, kind instructions, not to difficult to fo... (Leer más)
stars_5 - Enviado el miércoles 04 marzo 2020 por Linda C
I spent a long time tossing up whether to buy this due to the relative simplicity of the models. I w... (Leer más)
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