#8 Spirits of Origami
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#8 Spirits of Origami

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Free diagram for the squirrel !
Download it here
Free Pattern for the Kingfisher !
Download it here

Book Description:

Gen Hagiwara is one of the most promising Japanese Origami Artists in the world today. He is famous in the origami community for his cute and full life models with amazing folding sequences bringing so much pleasure to fold. A captivating combination that already fascinates thousands of folders in the world.

- Language: English and Japanese

- Hard cover

- 208 pages

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Fold the amasing models from the book "Spirits of Origami" with this selection of papers suitable for the models.

  • 40 specific sheets specifically chosen for their size, color, texture to obtain the best result
  • 10 test sheets to test the folding sequences before use your nice sheets.
For some models, glue, not included in this pack, is required to glue papers between them. 


The list of sheets in the pack:



Kami :

  • Horse => Eart Brown 15x15 cm
  • Cat = > Brown 15x15 cm
  • Snake => Green 15x15 cm
  • Rooster => Red 17.6x17.6 cm
  • Mouse => Kami White/Pink 

Extra thin papers:


Thin papers:


Thick Papers:


Test Sheets:

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Reviews about this #8 Spirits of Origami (32 reviews)

stars_5 -
Wonderful book, wonderful models! This is my first 'passion origami' book and now I know why they ar... (Read more)
stars_5 -
I really have been enjoying.
Thank you so much!
stars_5 -
Excellent folds. Easy to challenging. Great book to complement others in the series.
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