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EXPRESS postage with tracking number


  1. Where is my package ?
    The tracking number is indicated in your account > Follow-up my order > [Details] as follows:


    Track your package:

    Colissimo suivi / Tracking number (cp278467928fr)

    Click on the words "Colissimo suivi / Tracking number" to access the tracking directly.

  2. When should I receive it ?
    Indicative delivery leadtime : 
    - For Europe: Day+4 to Day+8
    - For the World: Day+4 to Day+10
    - For South and Central America: Day+4 to Day+15

  3. I didn't receive it. What I should do ?
    In our "Terms & Conditions" that you accepted, we ask you to wait for 4 weeks (6 weeks for South America/Africa/China) to give the package enought time to arrive to you. For countries outside Europe, the delay is usually due to customs service.


​Please wait until 4 weeks before contacting us to claim !
(6 weeks for South America/Africa/China)


Then, after 4 weeks (6 weeks for South America/Africa/China), if the package wasn't in your hands, please contact-us




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