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Credit Card
Paiement par Carte bancaire

Payment is made on a secure Server of our banking partner. This means that the information about your credit card is only transmitted through our site to the bank and we can’t access them!
Payment by credit card is perfectly safe for you!
Your payment is immediately validated by our bank and we can work on your order as soon as you pay.
Payment with credit card via PayPal

Paiement par carte bancaire via PayPal

PayPal is designed to be a safer way to send money online. PayPal doesn’t expose or sell your financial information to merchants. You don’t need to subscribe to PayPal to use it!

Send your payment to the account: contact@origami-shop.com

Bank transfer
Paiement par Virement Bancaire

If you are outside Europe and use bank transert, we will ask you to complete your payement with fees we need to pay you more to receive your monney

For European countries :
Your order is reserved for 14 days. After this period, if we do not receive your payment, the order will be canceled. The order will be processed upon receipt of your payment and after validation.
If need, use the following information in your transference for the total sum of your order:

Account number: 30002-20041 01017-0602487K-028-30
IBAN: FR36-20041 01017-0602487K-028-30
Account name: SARL Passion Origami
Bank name - City: La Banque Postale LBP - Grenoble

If you can’t use these way of payement, you can pay using International Mandat Postal Order
Note carefuly that this method is not available in the process shop payement.
So how can you pay ?
These are the steps :

#1 Choose your articles using the shopping cart.

#2 Login to your account to know the final price of your order including the shipping fees.
(Note carefuly that if you are logout, the default shipping fees is for economic postal service ONLY. if you want to know the price for priority service, you need to login to your account)

#3 Pay using IMPO :and contact us by mail to give information about your order.
Much less expensive than Western Union, this payment solution is also slower. Often, it needs between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on your country, to receive your payment. Reliable and convenient, simply go to your nearest post with cash and fill out the form with the following information: Beneficiary: Nicolas TERRY - 35 allée du MontAiguille 38640 Claix- FRANCE
Once your payment has been received and validated, your order is processed.

4# Contact us by mail to give information about your order.

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