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3D Origami, also called Chinese modular origami, is a type of modular origami : you use many pieces of paper folded the same way then you assemble hundreds of these pieces to make a master piece. Using this technique, you can make amazing things for home decoration or a present. The number of modules depends on the model.



3D Origami:


- For the easy folding level, ideal for beginners and children

- For group activities: all members fold the modules and assemble them together to learn how to work as a team
- To developes fine finger movement with a repetitive and easy folding sequence, but motivated to obtain a stunning and impressive result

- If you want to develop your creativity, because everyone can create his own models, easily assembled like a Lego.



The modular origami (block folding origami, golden venture folding) was invented in China. This concept of modular origami has become well known in recent years. In 1933 a group of Chinese refugees were held on board the “Golden Venture” ship. Until their fate was decided, they spent their time in an American prison, where they started making more complex models to kill the boredom. The material they used was taken from torn apart old magazines.

With modular origami, you don’t use only one sheet of paper, but instead you use identical elements (modules) to build rich in form and size models. The final result depends strictly on your patience and fantasy. This activity is suitable for people from all ages, 6+. It developes the imagination, teaches patience and persistence. Moreover, it helps develop fine finger movements. The bigger models can be built by more than one person. You can fold modules anywhere anytime - at home, while travelling, outdoors. The models can be disassembled after that and gradually adding more modules you can build bigger and more complex models. If you glue the models or simply paint them with diluted PVA glue, you will get
an amazing decoration for your home or a gift for a friend.
High-quality recycable paper, manufactured with modern technologies and not consisting any harmful substances, is used in the making of the kits.
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