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You would like a rare item but you don't want to pay postage now to complete your order later and save shipping fees ?

  • Step 1: Add the item into the shopping cart and check-out
  • Step 2: Choose the postage option:
    EN = We keep your articles and you will pay shipping fees later. Collect orders to save on shipping.
    SP = Seguimos sus artículos y usted pagará los gastos de envío más tarde. Recoge las órdenes de ahorrar en el envío.

  • Step 3: Pay the order. We will keep the items for you until you want to receive them

Collect several orders in this way. 
When you want to receive all your orders, we will calculate the shipping fees and ask you to pay them. Then we will send your package.



To pay the shipping fees and receive your order(s):






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