» » » Origami World Marathon - 48 Replays
Origami World Marathon - 48 Replays

Origami World Marathons 


The basic idea is simple: each year 48 creators teach 48 original models in 48 hours.

Our teachers are the top origami creators from all around the world. Each one will teach via Zoom her/his original model. This is your chance to learn from the best, and get to know the people behind the names!

The folding instructions of each of the 95 models of 2 marathons are now available on Youtube for a total of 143 videos and over 120 hours of content, 
until the beginning of the next marathon in September 2023. After that, the Videos will be deactivated.​

This event is created and managed by Ilan Garibi / Guy Loel / Nicolas Terry

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