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Questions / Answers

Here are all the answers to your questions about this unique event in the origami community!



What is the Origami World Marathon?


The OWM is an online event, which lasts 48 straight hours. The teachers are all creators from all around the world who teach their original models. Teaching is done via Zoom, with online video streaming.



What is the skill level I need to have to enjoy the convention?


We have a huge selection of models, from Modular to Figurative. The difficulty level of the models varies as well, from simple to complex. The simple workshops will last 25~30 minutes, (although the time slot is one hour) and the complex ones will last 100-110 minutes ( in a two-hour time slot). This is a list of models in each difficulty level, so you can try and see what is the level of difficulty you can still enjoy.


How can I ask questions or request to slow down during the workshop?

 Just unmute your microphone and ask to slow down or repeat a step. You can also write it in the chat box.



What questions are legitimate during the workshop, using the Q&A button?

You can ask to clarify difficult steps, to see the other side of the model, ask to slow down the pace, etc. Any general question such as the program, technical issues etc, should be sent to our email They will not be addressed during the workshop.


The speed was still too fast for me, what should I do?


Once the lesson is over we will release a link to a recorded video of the model. You can watch this video at your own pace and complete the model.



I missed the start of the workshop. Can I join in?

Yes, you can join in at any time. However, we will not start over. You will get the video when the workshop is over.


Will it be possible to “meet” the artist and ask him questions, or show her/him my work?


Yes! Right after the lesson ends, depending on the time left, we will allow a Q&A session. You can write your question on the interface, and our moderator will choose a few, ask the persons to unmute her/his microphone and ask her/his questions. Our creators are eager to hear them and reply!



I cannot participate in all the workshops because I need to sleep. What can I do?


Of course, you need to sleep at least four hours at night, or even six, we know that! That is why we will supply you with all the videos of the workshops. So you will get the link as soon as the workshop ends.


How long is every workshop?

Most of the workshops are 40 to 50 minutes. Some simple workshops will last 25-35 minutes. Some complex workshops will last up to 110 minutes and will have a two-hour session. See the Program PDF for specific details. All workshops and activities will end seven minutes before the hour to allow a short recess.


For any additional question regarding the program, technical support, send us an email to
For any question regarding your registration and payment, send us an email to



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This looks amazing, 48 hours of straight origami. Who can say no.
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